Down the pan 泡湯了

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A Filipino man takes a seat on a second-hand toilet bowl he is selling.

A second-hand toilet seller takes a break in the Philippines. Photo: Romeo Ranoco / Reuters


In British English, the word 'toilet' can refer to the fixture itself or the room where it is installed, for which you will also hear the more colloquial words 'loo', 'lav' or 'john'. The slang word 'dunny' is popular in Australia while Americans tend to prefer the more polite terms 'bathroom' or 'restroom'. In the Philippines, the term of choice is the pleasant-sounding 'comfort room', or 'CR' for short.

在英式英語中,單詞 toilet 指抽水馬桶,也可以指衛生間。俚語衛生間的表達有loo, lav 或 john. 在澳大利亞,俚語單詞 dunny 也是廁所的意思。美國人喜歡用含蓄一點的說法,比如 bathroom 洗澡間或 restroom 休息室。在菲律賓,衛生間的英語表達是 comfort room 舒適的房間, 簡稱 CR, 聽著比較順耳。


如果說一件事情 goes down the pan 或者 goes down the toilet, 意思是說這件事情完蛋了,被搞砸了。


Mike had great dreams of becoming a rock guitarist, but they went down the pan when he injured his hand.

I'm afraid all that careful preparation we did for Meerka's surprise birthday party went down the pan when her sister told her about it.

He invested all his life's savings in a beautiful, antique car but everything went down the pan when he crashed it the next day.


短語 out of the frying pan, into the fire 「剛出油鍋,又入火坑」可以用來表達某事從不好的情況進入到更糟的狀態。

Studying for my MA was really difficult and stressful, but then I really went out of the frying pan into the fire when I graduated and realised there were no good jobs available.


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