Bad hair day 不順心的一天

更新時間 2012年 11月 28日, 星期三 - 格林尼治標準時間15:12
An NFL football fan with green hair and bodysuit

A New York Jets fan reacts after the New England Patriots were successful in a goal line stand against the Jets in a football game in New Jersey. Photo: Reuters/ Gary Hershorn


Green hair doesn't naturally occur in humans... or does it? In the Swedish town of Anderslov people started complaining their hair was turning green. The mystery was solved by the scientist Johan Pettersson - who found that copper in the pipes of new houses was to blame.

綠頭髮是不會從人類的身上自然長出來的,這個觀點對嗎?在瑞典小鎮 Anderslov, 有些人說他們的頭髮開始變綠了。解開此謎團的科學家 Johan Pettersson 說罪魁禍首是新建房屋裏所用水管裏含銅量超標。


A bad hair day 頭髮特別糟糕的一天,無論你怎麼打扮,樣子就是不好看。這個短語也常被用來形容非常不順的一天,什麼事情都辦不好。


I've been brushing my hair for 20 minutes but it still looks awful. I guess I'm just having a bad hair day.

I'm having a real bad hair day. I woke up late, burnt my breakfast, crashed my car and lost my phone.

When I have a bad hair day, all I want to do is stay in bed and sleep.


另一個和頭髮有關的短語是 to tear your hair out 把頭髮都拔下來了。這個短語的實際含義是你被某件事情搞得非常煩惱,失去耐心了。

I've been trying to get my car to start for 15 minutes. I'm really tearing my hair out!


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