Feminism no longer needed? 不再需要女權主義了嗎?

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Carla Bruni

The former first lady of France doesn't believe in the need for feminism. (Photo by Getty)

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法國前第一夫人卡拉布魯尼.薩科齊在接受時尚雜誌採訪時的言行激怒了法國的女權人士。她在接受採訪時說「現在已經不再需要女權主義了」。她的此番言論引發了強烈的反應。請聽BBC 記者Christian Fraser 發回的報道

Carla Bruni never quite managed the transformation from diva to Première Dame. Maybe it's because she lives in a very different life to the voters she once encountered. In the interview with French Vogue magazine, she said women of her generation don't need feminism any more. "There are pioneers who opened the breach," she says, "but I'm not at all an active feminist. On the contrary, I'm bourgeoise. I love family life, I love doing the same thing every day."

The French group "Dare to be Feminist" has vented spleen, inviting people to respond on Twitter with the hashtag 'Dear Carla Bruni'. And there have been hundreds of messages. "Dear Carla, my generation needs feminism because there's no equality in salaries," said one. "My generation needs feminism," said another, "because 75,000 women were raped last year".

The MEP Corinne Lepage weighed in: "Dear Carla, there are no women on the board of the ECB". And, in a press conference today, government spokeswoman Najat Belkacem Vallaud said: "We need everyone to be feminist, so long as one sex dominates the other," which all goes to show that, outside Carla's bourgeois bubble, feminism is alive and fighting fit.

Quiz 聽力測驗

In which magazine did Carla Bruni gave her interview?

French Vogue magazine.

Do all women think there」s equality in salaries between men and women?

No, many do not believe there's equality in the salaries received by men and women.

True or False: Only a handful of messages were posted on Twitter opposing Carla Bruni」s view of feminism.

False, hundreds of messages were posted on Twitter.

What does MEP stand for? (Hint: it」s political position.)

Member of European Parliament.

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