A whole new ball game 一個全新局面

更新時間 2012年 12月 13日, 星期四 - 格林尼治標準時間15:14
A Chinese farmer in a large ball called a 'survival pod'.

Chinese farmer Liu Qiyuan looks out from his 'survival pod'. Photo: Ed Jones/AFP/Getty


According to one interpretation of the ancient Mayan calendar, the world is going to end on 21 December 2012. In case it does, Chinese farmer Mr Liu claims to have the solution: his 'survival pods', which can withstand 1,000-metre-high waves and carry 14 people at a time. They are also equipped with oxygen tanks and food and water supplies.



A whole new ball game 意思是一個全新的,不同以往的局面。


I thought I was good at speaking English in terms of day-to-day conversation. But working as a professional translator is a whole new ball game; I have to be much more accurate.

Tom says working as a manager for the first time is a whole new ball game.

I used to go jogging every weekend, but running marathons is a whole new ball game.


另外一個短語是 to get the ball rolling, 意思是開始、啟動什麼事情或行動。

After a long time planning the project, it feels great to finally get the ball rolling.

I really don't exercise enough and want to get fit. If I go to the gym once a week, that should get the ball rolling.


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