You scratch my back 你幫我,我助你

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A macaque monkey scratches another's back in a hot spring in Japan

Grooming plays an important part of social relationships among Japanese macaque monkeys. Photo: Kazuhiro Nogi / AFP


Japanese macaques, or 'snow monkeys', are highly social animals, with a complex set of relationships between each other. Entrance to the thermal hot springs, which can reach over 40 degrees centigrade, depends upon the social position of the monkey. Only the highest-ranking females and their infants are allowed in.



短語 you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours 字面意思是你抓我的背我就抓你的背,用來表示人與人之間的互通有無的互助關係:你幫我一個忙我就幫你一個忙,相互幫助。


You know, I think we can help each other out here. I'll lend you my car on Friday if you let me borrow your camera for the wedding. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

If you could come and fix my radiators that would be really helpful. I'll do that translation exercise for you if you like. You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.


在英語中人們常常用 from scratch 這個短語來表示從頭開始或從零開始這一概念。

I was writing my essay and forgot to save it. Guess what happened? Yes, the computer crashed and I had to start from scratch. Why does that always happen?!


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