The fruits of hard labour 艱苦勞動的果實

更新時間 2013年 1月 2日, 星期三 - 格林尼治標準時間12:31


On South Africa's Robben Island, volunteers harvest vines tended by Mandela. Find out more with Story of the Week.





The poignant fruits of a prison courtyard.

On South Africa's Robben Island, famous for its jail, volunteers are harvesting vines planted in a garden once tended by its most famous inmate, Nelson Mandela.

Over the years many people have been accused of trying to cash in on the Mandela brand but the participants in this scheme see it as a way of cherishing his memory.

Vocabulary 詞匯:

poignant 令人心酸的

tended by 受某人照顧

inmate 犯人,囚犯

to cash in on 靠某人或物賺錢

cherishing 珍惜,珍愛

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