On the nose 準確地

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A man climbs onto an elephant in Nepal

A mahout mounts his elephant during the three-day elephant race at Chitwan National Park in Nepal. Picture: Navesh Chitrakar / Reuters


A 'mahout' is someone who keeps and drives elephants for a living. Traditionally, mahouts are paired with elephants when both are at a young age and they grow up together, in many cases forming a lifelong bond.



英語短語 on the nose 用來表示準確無誤,恰到好處,常用在談論數字或錢數的語境裏。


A: How much do you think my new TV cost?
B: £300?
A: Yes, on the nose! It cost £300.

A: Your mother must be about 60 years old?
B: You got it on the nose. She's 60. But I don't think she looks that old.


另一個短語 to get up your nose 的意思是令人厭煩。既可指人也可指事。

Mary is always talking about her wonderful prize-winning dog. To be honest it gets up my nose.

It gets up my nose when people play their music loudly on public transport.


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