Dead as a dodo 徹底過時了

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A dodo

Dodos became extinct in the 1600s. Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/ Getty Images


The flightless dodo was first discovered on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius in the late 16th Century. Within a few decades they were extinct. Before the arrival of man, the dodo is thought to have evolved to such a large size because it had no natural predators and plentiful food.



如果說一個東西 as dead as dodo, 意思就是這個東西已經不再重要了,過時了。我們通常使用這個短語來談論思想或潮流。


In the past people used to watch and record videos on VHS, but now that format is as dead as a dodo.

The perception that smoking is good for your health is now as dead as a dodo.


我們用 dead duck 來形容一件事情不怎麼成功。

Frank's coffee shop business was a dead duck sadly. His coffee was just awful, and the shop was in a bad location.


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