Austerity for Chinese New Year 簡樸過春節

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Chinese decorations

People use these to decorate their houses for the Spring Festival

春節臨近,中國國家廣電總局禁止各電視台和電台播放名貴手表、金幣和白酒等貴重禮品的廣告。以下是來自 Martin Patience 的報道:

During Chinese New Year it's common to give gifts to bosses and officials as a way of gaining favour. But now the authorities have announced a ban on advertisements that have been encouraging people to give luxury items.

In a statement, the authorities said these radio and TV ads were spreading "incorrect values" and creating a "bad social ethos". According to reports, the ban relates to promotions which suggest products are "must-have items for superiors".

It's the latest move by China's leader, Xi Jinping, to try and cut down on government extravagance and corruption. At many official occasions, banquets have been banned or scaled back, red carpets are out, and the floral arrangements are no longer there. China's new generation of leaders are keen to display a more frugal administration in the face of growing public anger over official corruption.

Senior officials have repeatedly warned that corruption poses the greatest threat to the rule of the Communist party.

Quiz 聽力測驗

True or False? During Spring Festival, people give gifts to bosses and officials in order to gain favour.


True or False? Advertisements that encourage people to buy luxury products are banned by the Chinese authorities.


Why is there a ban on luxury item advertisements?

Because the governement is trying to cut down on its extravagance and corruption.

What else is the government doing to show a more frugal administration?

The government is also banning or scaling back banquets, removing red carpets and the floral arragements at many official occasions.

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