To take (something) on board 聽取意見/認真考慮

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The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Li: 大家好,歡迎收聽《地道英語》現在我和 Rob 就在機場等飛機。So Rob, here we are, about to fly off on a holiday of a lifetime.

Rob: Hmm, but I don't think you'll be flying anywhere with those things in your hand-luggage.

Li: Why? What's wrong with this giant bottle of suntan cream - it was cheaper than buying a small one.

Rob: Maybe, but you can't take that on board - it's more than 100 millilitres - you won't get through security.

Li: Oh, I can't take that on board - 是啊,超過一百毫升液體不能袋帶上飛機。

Rob: And Li, what do you need that penknife for?!

Li: In case I need to peel an apple? Maybe?

Rob: Li! You can't take that on board either!

Li: Oh, 水果刀也不能帶上飛機。

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What can Li take on board?

Rob: Honestly Li, don't you ever read the notices? Look, it says here, no sharp objects and no large bottles of liquid. I really think you need to do some preparation before you fly.

Li: 上飛機前要按照規定做好準備。Oh OK, I'll take that on board.

Rob: Don't be stupid, you can't actually take 'preparation' on board. It's only objects... things... that you take 'on board' a plane, or a bus... or even a train.

Li: Rob, it's a phrase. 'I'll take that on board' 意思是我將認真考慮和接受你的建議。So I'm not physically moving it.

Rob: But you could say you're moving some information into your brain?!

Li: I suppose so, but I think these examples will illustrate the phrase better...

  • If that shop wants to succeed it needs to take on board the views of all its customers.
  • My brain aches! I need to take on board so many concepts and ideas if I'm going to pass this exam.
  • Drivers are beginning to take on board the safety message that speeding kills.

Li: 大家從以上例句中可以看出 to take something on board 意思就是理解並認真考慮。So Rob, have you taken on board the meaning of this phrase?

Rob: Absolutely. And have you taken on board the safety and security information?

Li: Of course - so I'll just put these items in the bin. Oh, gone!

Rob: Right, our flight's ready for boarding now.

Li: Good... but I've got a very large handbag. 我的手提行李特重,因為我喜歡出門度假的時候把所有需要的東西都隨時帶在身上! Would you mind carrying it for me?

Rob: OK Li, if I must... Oh, Li, this is extremely heavy. Ouch. This is something you really won't take on board.

Li: Oh really?

Rob: Yes. Your handbag can't weigh any more than 15 kilograms.

Li: I see. More information that I'll take on board!

Rob: Yes, next time remember what I've told you before you get to the airport. Come on we'd better go home. Bye for now.

Li: 好吧,那我們就下次的《地道英語》節目再會了!Bye!

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