Chasing rainbows 追求幻想

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A Formula 1 racing car drives past a rainbow

Australian Formula 1 driver Mark Webber in action in Spain. Photo: Mark Thompson/ Getty Images


Every second counts in Formula 1 racing and one of the most important things that decides which driver wins a race is pit stop times: the time it takes to change tyres and carry out repairs on a car during a race. The world's fastest Formula 1 pit stop was recorded during the German Grand Prix in July 2012, when it took the McLaren team 2.31 seconds to change driver Jenson Button's tyres.



說某人在 chasing rainbows, 就是說他在追求不現實的幻想,有點「夸父追日」的意思。


I know you want to become an actor but I think you should stop chasing rainbows and get an office job. Becoming a successful actor is really hard!

Bob had hundreds of plans and wild ideas about how he could become rich, but none of them ever succeeded. He was always chasing rainbows.


A wild goose chase 字面上的意思是「追逐野鵝」,形容那種花很多的時間和精力去徒勞的追求某件事情,而這樣的追求不是沒有方向就是方向錯誤。

We were told there was an excellent Korean restaurant in town and spent two hours looking for it, but we couldn't find it. We later found out it has closed down. What a wild goose chase!


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