Chechen president's outburst 車臣總統為足球大發雷霆

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Ramzan Kadyrov

Chechen president, Ramzan Kadyrov, is passionate about football

俄羅斯足球政府部門對車臣共和國的泰利克足球俱樂部進行了罰款,因為此足球俱樂部的一位熱血球迷——車臣共和國總統拉姆讚•卡德羅夫,在最近泰利克足球俱樂部的一場主場球賽中搶過了球場的擴音系統向足球裁判破口大罵。BBC 記者湯姆•埃索蒙報道:

There can't be many parts of the world where the president takes to the loudspeaker during a football match to express his dismay. In the Chechen capital Grozny, everything is a little different.

The president is also the city football club's biggest fan. And from the stands of Terek Grozny's stadium, shortly after the team's captain had been sent off in last Sunday's match, Ramzan Kadyrov grasped the microphone. He called the referee corrupt and said he was a donkey.

It didn't achieve much. The match was a nil-all draw and now the club will have to fork out a hefty fine - the equivalent of $3,200. The fine was doubled because after the match the strongman leader spent a few minutes in the dressing room with the referee, demanding an explanation, while his security guards kept the football officials at bay.

Mr Kadyrov, who used to be Terek Grozny's president, is not the one being directly penalised. Instead it is the club that is picking up the bill.

Quiz 聽力測驗

True or false? The Chechen president plays for Grozny city's football team.

False. The president is the city football club's biggest fan.

What had happened to make the president call the referee corrupt and like a donkey?

His team's captain had been sent off.

True or false? The match ended in a one-nil draw.

False. The match was a nil-all draw.

How is the president, My Kadyrov, going to be penalised?

He is not. The football club will have to pay the fine.

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