Set tongues wagging 給人以說閒話的口實

更新時間 2013年 4月 18日, 星期四 - 格林尼治標準時間14:29
Partygoers covered in multicoloured chalk dust in central Dublin

Coming to work looking like these men is bound to set tongues wagging. Photo: Julien Behal/ PA Wire


People threw multi-coloured powder over each other at The Ministry of Silly Ideas 'Rainbow Disco' at a street performance festival in the Irish capital of Dublin. The event brings street performers to the city to compete for the title of world champion.

在愛爾蘭首都都柏林的一個街頭表演節,參加『愚蠢想法部 - 彩虹迪斯科』活動的人互相扔五顏六色的粉塵。主辦方邀請各地的表演者來都柏林爭奪世界街頭表演冠軍。


如果某人所做的事 sets tongues wagging, 意思就是讓人說閒話。


Mr Hellman wore the same t-shirt to work every day for a week. It really set tongues wagging: some thought he just didn't wash it, others thought it was because he hadn't been home all week.

Matilda and Michelle set tongues wagging when they left the office early yesterday. Nobody knew what they were doing.


如果你 give someone a tongue-lashing 意思就是把別人訓斥一番。

Bill got a tongue-lashing from his wife after he ruined her dress in the washing machine.


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