Freak 狂人

更新時間 2013年 5月 21日, 星期二 - 格林尼治標準時間10:15

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Jennifer: Hi, and welcome to Authentic Real English. I'm Jennifer and with me today is Feifei.

Feifei: 大家好!

Jennifer: Why do you have that big bag with you?

Feifei: Oh this? 我凖備下班後去健身房呢!

Jennifer: Again? But you went yesterday, and the day before that!

Feifei: 我必須得堅持每天鍛煉,這樣才能保持苗條身材!

Jennifer: You're such a fitness freak.

Feifei: Hey, that's not very nice. What do you mean, I'm a 'fitness freak'? 健身怪物?我怎麼成了怪物呢? 

Jennifer: I'm not calling you a monster, that's not what the word 'freak' means in this context. In English, you can use the word 'freak' with a noun to say that someone is obsessed by something which you think is strange.


Are you obsessed by a hobby or sport?

Feifei: 如果一個人對某人癡迷狂熱,這時候我們就可以說這個人是什麼什麼 freak. So when you call me a 'fitness freak', you're saying I'm obsessed by sport and fitness?

Jennifer: That's right. It's an informal phrase, usually used if the person saying it is not interested in the hobby or action, or that the person who has the interest does it excessively. So someone might be a 'football freak' if they're always watching football. My boyfriend is a 'car freak' – he's obsessed with cars and talking about them, but I'm not interested at all, I think it's weird.

Feifei: I understand. Well you might call me a fitness freak, because I do it a lot, but you don't like it. I'd say I'm a fitness fanatic!

Jennifer: Well, I have no intention of going to the gym today or any day. I don't like it and the thought of using the equipment really freaks me out.

Feifei: 等一下,這裏 freak 的意思有不一樣了。

Jennifer: Yes, in a slightly different way. 'To freak someone out' is a phrasal verb which means 'to make someone feel strong emotions', like panic or fear. Going to the gym freaks me out; it makes me panic.

Feifei: 'To freak someone out' 的意思是嚇到某人,把某人嚇壞了。So, going to the gym freaks you out? You need to toughen up. I really do think you should come and join me for a gym session tonight.

Jennifer:No way! I'm too scared and too tired. I'd rather lie on the sofa and watch my favourite soap opera.

Feifei: 我真是搞不懂那些每天晚上坐在家裏看電視的人是怎麼想的!So I guess you're a television freak! Join us again for another edition of Authentic Real English from

Both: Bye!

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