Royal baby: 王室寶寶將迎來怎樣的生活?

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William and Kate, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, with their son

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge present their son to the world

英劍橋公爵夫人生下一名男嬰。這也是英國首次消除王位繼承中對女性的歧視 - 也就是說頭胎生下的不論是男是女都將成為英國王位第三順位繼承人。但此項為了威廉和凱特的寶寶新推出的法案已經不太重要了。下面是王室記者 Luisa Baldini 對小王子未來生活的分析報道:

It was a pregnancy in the public eye. There was no hiding away from the cameras. And royal duties continued for the Duchess of Cambridge until the final weeks. Wherever she went, the gifts, the questions, the chat, had been of the baby. She gave little away.

With his great-grandmother in her 61st year on the throne, and his grandfather and father ahead of him in the line of succession, it will be some time before the Duke and Duchess's son is King.

Suzannah Lipscomb, Historian:

It is in the nature of these next few years, in his upbringing, in his childhood, in the character and values that are instilled in him at this stage, that will determine how the British public will view their monarch.

In the past, there was a formality to the royal birth announcements. Much has changed. After Prince William was born at St. Mary's hospital, his father spoke to the media.

Reporter: How is Lady Di?

Prince Charles: She's very well, marvellous.

Reporter: Was it a very painful experience?

Prince Charles: Have you ever had a baby?

Reporter: No I haven't.

Prince Charles: I should wait and see!

And from the moment the new Prince appeared on the hospital steps, it was clear his upbringing would be different, less formal. William will now be fiercely protective of his wife and child but controlling the level of interest from the public and the media is increasingly problematic.

The Duchess of Cambridge's childhood memories are of a strong family unit in rural Berkshire. Royal life appears not to have diminished that bond. And there is speculation that after the birth the Duchess will return home to mum for a few weeks.

William's childhood broke with tradition. By royal standards there was greater freedom. It was more normal, there was less restraint. He is likely to want the same for his son, a little boy who one day will be King.

Quiz 聽力測驗

1. True or false? Gifts were given to the baby even before it was born.

True. Wherever she went, the gifts, the questions, the chat, had been of the baby.

2. How long will it be before the new royal baby becomes King?

Some time (a long time)

3. Where was the Duchess of Cambridge brought up as a child?

Rural Berkshire (a county in the UK)

4. What kind of childhood does William want for his new son?

A childhood with less restraint and more freedom.

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