To take the bull by the horns 勇敢果斷面對困難

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Cowboy Terry Evison brings a bull down in a rodeo

Terry Evison of Nilma competes in the Steer Wrestling during the National Rodeo Finals on the Gold Coast, Australia. Photo: Matt Roberts/Getty Images


At the San Fermín running of the bulls festival in Pamplona, bulls are allowed to run wild around the streets sometimes knocking people out of the way. A similar event is held in towns and villages across Spain, Portugal, in some cities in Mexico, and the south of France.



短語 to take the bull by the horns 直譯是漢語裏說的「鬥牛抓牛角」,實際要表達的意思是在面對困難和險境時要毫不猶豫地、勇敢地面對問題。


Don't suffer in silence while your flatmate occupies all the space available. Take the bull by the horns. Tell him to move his things out of your way or move out!

Bob was treated very badly by his boss. When he left the company he decided to take the bull by the horns - and sued it for thousands of dollars.


我們用短語 like a bull in a china shop 來形容一個人笨手笨腳,魯莽行事,像闖進瓷器店的公牛一樣。

I will be the one to go and ask our neighbour to stop playing his music so loud. You are like a bull in a china shop and are likely to start a serious argument with him.


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