Full of hot air 吹牛大王

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Hot air balloons

Hot air balloons are the oldest successful human-carrying flight technology. Photo: Stephen Daniels/BBC


According to the Guinness World Records website, the first Pacific crossing by hot air balloon was achieved by Richard Branson and Per Lindstrand in 1991. The 'Virgin Otsuka Pacific Flyer' flew from the southern tip of Japan to Lac la Matre in Canada. The journey was completed in 46 hours and 15 minutes.

根據世界吉尼斯紀錄網站顯示,人類首次成功駕駛熱氣球橫穿太平洋的紀錄是由理查德•布蘭森和林德斯特蘭德於1991年所創造的。他們駕駛名為 『Virgin Otsuka Pacific Flyer』的熱氣球從日本南部出發飛躍太平洋到達加拿大 Lac la Matre,全程用時46小時15分鐘。


短語 full of hot air 可以形容某人誇誇其談、紙上談兵。


My boss keeps promising to give me a pay rise but the extra money never comes. He is full of hot air!

Some politicians are full of hot air. They never consider what's best for the nation. Their main concern is what's best for themselves.


短語 to clear the air 的意思是消除誤解、隔閡。

Mary and John are having a chat in the kitchen. He was upset after Mary broke up their engagement and she needed to clear the air.


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