Get a load of this! 快來看!

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A row of milk churns loaded onto a lorry for transportation

A lorry full of milk churns, ready for transportation.


According to the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the USA, 85% of milk produced for human consumption comes from cows. However, buffalo, goat, sheep, camel, donkey, horse, reindeer and yak milk is also consumed by people around the world.

根據美國糧農組織的說法,85% 的人類食用奶都來自奶牛。不過,水牛、山羊、駱駝、猴子、馬、馴鹿和犛牛的奶也為世界各國人所享用。


如果你對某人說 get a load of this, 你是想讓此人趕快來看看某事或有趣的信息。


Mike, get a load of this: our friend Frank is being interviewed on the TV news right now!

Get a load of this: I've just found out that our teacher used to be a professional footballer!


注意,另一個短語 take a load off your feet 意思是做下來放鬆一下。

William, you look exhausted. Come and sit here. Take a load off your feet.


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