Putting out fires 滅火救場

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Firefighters putting out a blaze

Firefighters attempt to control a blaze. Photo: Jeff Overs / BBC


London had no organised fire service until the Great Fire of London in 1666, which destroyed most of the city. It spread easily because it happened during a long, hot and dry summer, and because most houses were built of wood. After this event the first fire services were set up, and more houses were built of brick.



短語 putting out fires 通常指在工作環境中解決很多小的問題,問題雖小,但很棘手,需要在惡化前快速解決。


Sorry I didn't have time to meet you for lunch today. I was busy at work all day putting out fires.

Sometimes it feels like you get nothing done in the office – you need to spend the whole day putting out fires.


短語 to get on like a house on fire 字面意思是「相處就像房子著火」,實際用來形容兩個人一拍即和、一見如故,關係處得很好。

Phoebe and Alice get on like a house on fire. They share exactly the same sense of humour and are always joking and laughing together.


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