It never rains but it pours 禍不單行

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People under umbrellas, Wimbledon, London

The umbrellas are up as rain stops a tennis match at Wimbledon, London


The Wimbledon Championships, held since 1877, is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world. Wimbledon traditions include a strict dress code for competitors, the eating of strawberries and cream by spectators, and the presence of members of the Royal Family. Wimbledon's Centre Court was fitted with a retractable roof to lessen the loss of playing time due to rain.



「不雨則已,一雨傾盆」,形容壞事不來則已,一來則不止。It never rains but it pours 和中國成語裏的「禍不單行」意思一樣。


We had nothing to do for weeks, then suddenly we have all this work to do; it never rains but it pours!

I missed my train this morning, lost my wallet and spilt coffee all over myself; it never rains but it pours.


如果你給某人的計劃或建議「潑冷水」 pour cold water, 那就表示你的態度是太過苛刻或消極。

I wanted to walk up the mountain but Jane threw cold water on the idea by taking the cable car.


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