To flag up 引起注意

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Bunting is a common sight at celebrations in the UK. Photo: Laurence Coss/ BBC


The colourful triangular flags in the picture are called 'bunting', and are often seen at street parties and weddings in the UK. The flags have a long history in the UK, though they have seen a particular return to popularity after the Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton in 2011.

圖中五彩繽紛的三角形彩旗在英語中叫 bunting 旗布。常見於英國街道派對和婚禮聚會。這種小彩旗雖然在英國有多年歷史,不過自2011年威廉和凱特的婚禮之後,小彩旗又重新流行起來了。


英語短語 to flag something up 的意思是強調某事的重要性或把問題提出來讓大家都知道。


At the meeting Martin flagged up the issue of late payments. He said that we hadn't paid our suppliers for three months.

There are a couple of points that I'd like to flag up today: one is the increasing number of customer complaints and the other is the problem with our computer system.


單詞 flagging 的意思是體力變若,精力下降。

I worked really hard from 7am until lunch, but after lunch I was really flagging!


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