Child's play 易如反掌

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A child's drawing

A child's crayon drawing from a London primary school. Photo: BBC.


Research by scientists based at King's College London and Brown University, Rhode Island, suggests that immersing children in a bilingual environment before the age of four gives them the best chance of becoming fluent in both languages. They studied 108 children with normal brain development between the ages of one and six.

由倫敦國王學院和美國羅德島布朗大學科學家所做的研究表明,讓四歲以下兒童沉浸在雙語環境中能給他們提供流利掌握兩種語言的最佳條件。他們是在研究了108名大腦正常發育的1 至6歲的兒童之後得出上述結論的。


短語 child's play 用來形容非常容易做的一件事,小菜一碟,易如反掌。


I finished the test very quickly. It was child's play!

Stop trying to fix the car and call a professional mechanic to do the job. This is not child's play.


另一個短語 a poster child 意思是一個典範人物。

Mr Cancino went from a poor young immigrant to a powerful businessman in a decade. He is a poster boy for the 'American Dream'.


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