Pull the plug 終止,結束

更新時間 2014年 2月 25日, 星期二 - 格林尼治標準時間12:48

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

(Li comes into the office and finds Rob very annoyed)

Li: Good morning, Rob.

Rob: Hi Li. I wish the morning was good but it's not.

Li: Why not?

Rob: Well, I came to the office very early today to write a programme about art.

Li: Interesting.

Rob: But it's giving me a headache because I don't really understand art. I think I'm going to pull the plug on this idea!

Li: Pull the plug?

Rob: Yes. If I pull the plug on this one I will be more relaxed and inspired to write a programme about technology. They're the ones I like the best. I love new gadgets!

Li: No problem. I can do it for you.

Rob: (surprised and concerned) Oh, my computer has been switched off!What's happened!?

Plug and socket

Are you ready to pull the plug?

Li: Here's the plug. I've just pulled it out.You can be more relaxed now. There you go.

Rob: Oh Li, I didn't literally mean "pull the plug out". In English, when we tell someone that we're going to pull the plug on something, we mean we are going to stop spending time or money on it.

Li: Ah, I see. 如果我們告訴某人我們將 pull the plug on something 的時候意思就是不再在某件事情上花時間了,要終止做某事,徹底不幹了。

Rob: Let's listen to some examples.

  • Research on the new product was becoming very expensive so the company pulled the plug on the project.
  • The play got really bad reviews and almost no one came to see it, but the theatre owner said he wouldn't pull the plug on it.

Li: OK. So you don't want to spend time on a programme you don't enjoy writing.

Rob: No, not really.

Li: So I might have done you a favour bypulling the plug out.

Rob: Well, maybe. Yes, you're right Li. Thank you.

Li: OK. Now that you sound more relaxed, I will plug it back in again so you can write about… technology!

Rob: That's right. And I can start describing the wonders of electricity!

Li: That's a great idea. You see, you see, your face has just lit up with joy! Bye.

Rob: Bye.

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