Pompeii under threat 古城龐貝面臨威脅

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Pompeii ruins

Pompeii was buried in ash from a volcano in 79 AD

意大利政府已經召開了緊急會議,商討如何挽救羅馬古城,以免其遭受更大的損壞。這是因為近期在古城內發現了新的破損痕跡。請聽 BBC記者 Mattia Cabitza 發回的報道。

The newly appointed Italian culture minister, Dario Franceschini, is already facing a huge challenge: how to save one of the world's most treasured archaeological sites.

He's summoned officials from Pompeii to Rome to report on the state of the site, and explain why the wall of a tomb and part of an arch of the Temple of Venus fell down after days of heavy rain this weekend.

This is not the first time that the site has suffered damage. There was an international outcry in 2010 after a series of wall collapses in Pompeii. The ancient city was completely buried in ash in 79 AD after a volcanic eruption, and rediscovered in the 18th Century.

Critics say that, having survived for two millennia, one of Italy's most popular attractions is now being neglected.

Quiz 聽力測驗

1. Is Dario Franceschini trying to save Roman treasure?

No, he is trying to save the 'treasured' archaeological site of Pompeii.

2. What fell down over the weekend?

The wall of a tomb and part of an arch of the Temple of Venus.

3. True or false? Pompeii was covered in ash in 79 AD.

False. Pompeii was covered in ash in 79 BC.

4. Which word means 'a thousand years'? (Clue: it's in the plural form)

A 'millennium' is a period of a thousand years. Here it appears in the plural form 'millennia', as we are talking about two periods of a thousand years each.

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