Go the extra mile 要想成功 就多付出一點

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

(Feifei is giving Finn a lift to work in her car)

Finn: Thank you for the lift to work today, Feifei.

Feifei: It's a pleasure, Finn. But my car has got a few problems. Sometimes it makes funny noises. And I even had to call a mechanic a few times.

Finn: Yeah, it looks like quite an old car.

Feifei: Yes, it is. I'm saving money to buy a new one.

Finn: Well, maybe Feifei you should give up eating in expensive restaurants every week, and all those expensive holidays...

Feifei: But I love my holidays! And the good food, the designer clothes...

Finn: Yes, but if you want to save money you have to go the extra mile.

Image caption Are you prepared to go the extra mile?

Feifei: The extra mile? I don't think this old car would survive even one more mile!

Finn: I don't mean go the extra mile in the car. I mean go the extra mile when saving money.

Feifei: The extra mile 額外的一里路?什麼意思?

Finn: In English, when you tell someone to go the extra mile, you're telling them to make more effort than usual to achieve their goals.

Feifei: 我們用 go the extra mile 來描述份外或額外地多幹一些,多付出一些,做比期望的多得多的努力,也就是我們長說的除了幹自己份內的活,還主動承擔額外的工作。

Finn: That's right. And to go the extra mile is our phrase in today's Authentic Real English. Let's listen to some examples.

  • If you want to succeed in business, you have to work harder than your competitors. You've got to go the extra mile.
  • Mary left university without a diploma. She spent all her time partying with her friends. She didn't go the extra mile and study harder.

Feifei: Now I get it. I have to be prepared to give up things I like - to go the extra mile - to save money to buy a new car.

Finn: Yes.

(The car stops)

Feifei: Oh no! Not again!

Finn: Why have you stopped?

Feifei: Well, this car has broken down again! I'll have to ring a mechanic.

Finn: I'm sorry about that, Feifei. I don't think this car will go any more miles, but I have a feeling you will if you kiss goodbye to the expensive dresses...

Feifei: Oh... goodbye... Oh Finn, my beautiful dresses and the cool gadgets…

Finn: Oh, the cool gadgets. Yes, those too.

Feifei: And no more fun weekends in Paris or expensive seats in the theatre...

Finn: No more real gold jewellery.

Feifei: I'm so sad. Bye.

Finn: Bye.