The end of whaling for Japan? 日本捕鯨業末日來臨?

媒體英語會帶大家一起學習 BBC 撰稿人在報道世界大事時常用到的單詞和短語。

Image caption Icebergs near the Antarctic

三艘日本捕鯨船在結束了本年度的南極海域捕鯨活動後已返回日本。日本說,在國際法庭宣佈捕鯨違法之後已經取消了原定於明年年初開始的下一次南極海域的捕鯨計劃。以下是記者 Michael Bristow 為 BBC發回的報道。

It wasn't much of a homecoming: family and friends on the dockside. The crews waved back and then unloaded their cargo of whale meat. It could be the last one for some time from the waters off the Antarctic.

Japan has cancelled next year's hunt after the International Court of Justice said it was illegal. Australia and New Zealand convinced the judges that Japan was not catching whales for scientific research, as it had claimed - to get round a worldwide ban on whaling.

Those welcoming home the flotilla were glum. One official bowed in apology. "People don't understand Japanese ways," said this man.

The captain from one of the returning ships said he hoped he'd someday return to the Antarctic. But next year will be the first time in 25 years that Japan has not hunted whales in the Southern Ocean.