Cold Feet 膽怯

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Li: Hi Rob. How are you today?

Rob: Hello Li. I'm really angry.

Li: Why?

Rob: Well, because I work very hard, I get results, I do much more than I really should, and nobody notices - I don't get any recognition.

Image caption Are warm socks a solution for 'cold feet'?

Li: Yes, you do work hard, Rob. You should earn a fortune!

Rob: I know. You see, that's it! I'm going to go and see the boss right now! I am going to ask for a pay rise!

Li: Good on you, Rob. Right now?

Rob: Yes, right now!

(brief silence)

Li: Rob... you're not going anywhere?

Rob: Yes, I know.

Li: So what are you waiting for?

Rob: Well… actually, I'm getting cold feet.

Li: That's no problem at all. Let's see… I have a solution right here… There you go. Take these.

Rob: Thick, woolly socks?

Li: Yes. Well you should feel warm when talking to a tough boss like ours! Come on, use these.

Rob: It's okay.There's nothing wrong with my feet, Li. In English, when we say we've 'got cold feet' we mean we lack the confidence or courage to do something.

Li: Oh, I see…. 原來所謂的腳發涼 'cold feet' 意思就是漢語中的腿發軟的意思,換句話說就是膽怯了,沒有信心和勇氣了。

Rob: Yes, I must admit I am a bit. Let's hear some examples of how to use today's expression 'cold feet'.

  • Mary knew Tony had bought her engagement ring and was planning to propose on Valentine's Day. She just hoped he wouldn't get cold feet before then.
  • The company directors were getting cold feet about a deal which could make or break their business.

Rob: So, no need for these socks. But thank you anyway, Li.

Li: Maybe next week you can approach the boss and remind him what a good worker you are.

Rob: Good idea. Maybe that's the right way to do it.

Li: One thing is true: your cold feet saved you from your hot head.

Rob: Yes, indeed!

Li: Bye-bye.

Rob: Bye.