In the picture 了解詳情

Image caption This TV presenter is certainly in the picture on all these screens!


In the picture 字面意思是「在圖片裏」,但實際想表達的意思是了解具體情況和事態的來龍去脈。我們通常說 「keep somebody in the picture 使某人了解詳情」。請看以下例句。


Jane kept me fully in the picture so I knew what to expect when I attended the meeting.

Please keep me in the picture. I need to know how the project is going.

I'm not really in the picture any more when it comes to the news. I've stopped reading newspapers.


如果說某人 out of the picture,意思就是此人已經與某事不相干了,沒有關聯了,也不再重要了。


Bob's out of the picture for this job, he's been off sick for weeks.

Sadly she's out of the picture. Her English isn't good enough.