Not give a monkey's 毫不在乎

A Barbary macaque Image copyright bbc
Image caption The diet of a Barbary macaque consists of a mixture of plants and insects


如果你告訴別人你 don』t give a monkey』s about something, 意思就是你對某事一點都不在乎,完全無所謂。


I don't give a monkey's if my ex-boyfriend is getting married or not.

It's all about the money for Caroline. She doesn't give a monkey's about the work itself.


如果某人參與的事被形容為 monkey business, 這就是說他的表現和行為非常愚蠢或幼稚。這個短語也能用來表達令人難以接受甚至是帶欺騙性質的表現。


Two policemen showed up at my neighbour's doorstep this morning. I've always suspected there's been some monkey business going on in the house.