Everything but the kitchen sink 帶的東西太多了

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Neil: Hi, Li. The car's outside. Are you ready for our camping trip? Have you packed?

Li: Yes. I'm excited, Neil. This is my first camping trip! I have the plastic forks and spoons… and plates… and the cups that you told me to get…

Neil: Good. I have a couple of pans and a small gas cooker. And I've got the tent and sleeping bags…

Li: Oh Neil, how about my TV? I can't miss my favourite programmes!

Neil: A TV?! Well… okay.

Li: And… I can't sleep without my goose feather pillow. Actually, I use two of them.

Image caption Do you need to take this when you go on a trip?

Neil: Pillows?… okay…

Li: And chairs…. We have to take my comfortable chair. And… and my lovely soft rug.

Neil: A rug?! What? You want to take everything but the kitchen sink!

Li: Oh, the sink? I might need a sink, Neil, but I think it will be difficult to move it. Unless I try to… well, I could call a plumber…

Neil: No plumber, Li! We're not taking a plumber camping! In English, when we say 'take everything but the kitchen sink', we mean take far more things than we need.

Li: Ah.原來 'take everything but the kitchen sink'- 就是說 '把所有能帶的東西都帶上',意思就是帶的東西太多,沒必要。這麼說你覺得我打算帶去野營的東西太多了?

Neil: Yes. 'Everything but the kitchen sink' is the expression in this edition of Authentic Real English. Now let's hear some examples of how it is used.

  • When Emma went on holiday to Greece, she took everything but the kitchen sink. She had to pay a lot extra at the airport!
  • Peter went to London for the weekend with a huge bag of things – clothes, computers, his special shampoo... He really took everything but the kitchen sink!

Li: Oh. No sink then. I think I'm ready to go now, Neil.

A sudden clap of thunder

Neil: Oh, no!

Li: What is it?

Neil: A storm is coming! That's not great for camping. I think this trip will have to wait, Li.

Li: Oh, no problem. We can go camping another time. Why don't you enjoy my comfortable chair?

Neil: Oh, let me just sit down here. Mmm… it is quite comfortable, isn't it?

Li: Mmm…Who needs camping after all! You watch some TV while I go and wash some dishes in my nice and shiny… kitchen sink.Bye.

Neil: Bye.