Interjections 感嘆詞

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Feifei: Hi, Finn. You are very talkative so I want to make a bet with you.

Finn: Hi, Feifei. Okay. What』s the bet then?

Feifei: We are going to have a chat for the next minutes and I bet you can't express your feelings without using proper words.

Finn: Mmmm… no proper words. Ah, but I can use interjections, can't I?

Feifei: Yes, interjections 感嘆詞!我們用 interjections 來表示那些突如其來的感情或感受。比如 surprise 驚訝,delight 快樂,displeasure 不滿,disappointment 失望,pain 疼痛,等等。

Finn: We use them more when we speak than when we write.

Image caption The sounds are followed by facial expressions

Feifei: Okay. Here we go. I've just bought this new dress.

Finn: Wow!

Feifei: Yes. 我知道你一定驚喜交加!It's by a very famous designer. It was the last one in the shop and cost a lot of money. There was this woman in the shop who wanted the dress too. So she tried to snatch it from me. She pinched my arm like this… I'll do it to you…

Finn: Ouch!

Feifei: 你感到疼了,對吧? She did that to me too.It was really painful. Look at my bruise!

Finn: Ugh!

Feifei: 有點兒慘不忍睹,我都不想看。Well, I think you won the bet, Finn.

Finn: Yippee!

Feifei: 現在你明顯非常高興,因為打賭你贏了!You can speak normally now. I think you are bursting to use proper words!

Finn: Phew!

Feifei: 這是用來描述解脫、鬆了一口氣的表達。Come on, Finn. Talk to me now. I miss hearing you speak.

Finn: And I miss speaking in full sentences. Interjections are the focus of today's Authentic Real English. Let's remember the ones I used.

  • Expressing pleasant surprise: Wow!
  • Expressing sudden pain: Ouch!
  • Expressing a negative reaction to unpleasant sensations of sight, touch, smell or taste: Ugh!
  • Expressing delight with an outcome: Yippee!
  • Expressing positive relief: Phew!

Feifei: I must say you are very good at expressing things. Interjections are very useful indeed!

Finn: They might sound different though in other languages – people might make a sound for a sudden pain other than 'ouch!'. In Chinese it's…

Feifei: 哎呀!

Finn: But the meaning is very clear.

(a cup of coffee on the desk was knocked over by accident)

Feifei: There's only one thing I'm not happy about, Finn. You've just split your coffee over my new dress!

Finn: Oops!

Feifei: Oops 是一個對小意外或過錯表示歉意時可以用的單詞,就是我們漢語裏常說的「哎呦」。I』ll forgive you, though.

Finn: Okay. Thanks, Feifei. Sorry about that. Time to go. Bye.

Feifei: Bye.