Ebola experimental treatment 抗埃博拉病毒試驗階段藥物

媒體英語會帶大家一起學習 BBC 撰稿人在報道世界大事時常用到的單詞和短語。

Image caption Scientists are trying to develop a vaccine against Ebola

(以下報道發表於8月11日)兩名在利比里亞感染了埃博拉的醫療援助人員在使用了仍處於試驗階段的抗埃博拉藥物後病情有所好轉。世界衛生組織(WHO)現正在考慮是否允許這種未經測試的藥物被廣泛使用。請聽 BBC 記者 Imogen Foulkes 的報道:

No one really knows if the drug given to two American aid workers really helped or whether now, back in the United States, they are improving simply because they're getting the best medical care money can buy.

The World Health Organisation's discussions on whether to support further use of the experimental drug will be difficult.

Deciding against risks the accusation that a potentially life-saving treatment is available only to aid workers from wealthy countries.

Deciding in favour might, if the drug were to have major side effects, lead to charges the world's top public health body approved harmful medical experiments on some of the world's poorest people.