A tall order 艱巨的任務

Image caption Giraffes in Amboseli National Park, Kenya


我們可以用短語 a tall order 來比喻一件非常困難的或一項非常艱巨的任務。


The client wants me to deliver the project by tomorrow. It's a tall order but I'll try.

What!? You want me to do the shopping, clean the flat, mow the lawn and prepare lunch all before your parents arrive at midday? That's a tall order!

I've done no preparation at all before tomorrow's exam. It's a tall order, but if I study all night I might pass.


不要把 a tall order 同 out of order 相混淆。後者的意思是做事沒有章法引起講話者的不滿。


I hate the way Dave smokes in the same room as the kids. It's so out of order.