Cheesed off 惱火的

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

(Finn comes in the office where Li is working and he looks very angry)

Li: Hi Finn. Oh, you don't look that happy today... Here, have a bit of cheese.

Finn: No thanks, Li.

Image caption Do you get angry when you feel hungry?

Li: It's tasty! Italian cheese – my favourite.

Finn: Thank you, Li. But, I'm sorry, I'm just in a terrible mood today. Do you know I have to spend the whole weekend writing a report?

Li: Oh really…?

Finn: Well, the boss said my first draft wasn't good enough and asked me to do the whole thing again by Monday!

Li: Oh, not much fun. Sorry Finn. Are you sure you don't want some cheese?

Finn: No. No cheese for me, thanks. I'm… I'm really cheesed off!

Li: Cheesed off? Is that a medical problem…? You can't eat cheese?

Finn: No. In English, 'to be cheesed off' means to be really annoyed. I'm so cheesed off! You can also say 'to cheese someone off' – so writing reports really cheeses me off.

Li: 這麼說 to be cheesed off 的意思是令人感到生氣、惱火。Finn,你很不開心,因為你的老闆要你重新寫報告。你還可以把這個短語的結構變換一下說 it cheeses you off,某事讓你很惱火。周末還要工作,這件事讓你感到生氣。

Finn: Yes, it does. 'cheesed off' is today's expression in Authentic Real English. Let's hear some examples of how it's used.

  • Working with Caroline is not easy. She gets really cheesed off when people don't agree with her.
  • My sister cheeses me off. She borrows all my clothes and never returns them!

Li: No need to be cheesed off, Finn. I can help you with your report.

Finn: Oh, really? you're a sweetie, Li!

Li: But you have to do what I say…

Finn: Ok… what do I have to do?

Li: First thing: have some of this cheese!

Finn: Oh, okay. Mmm… mmmmm… this is quite delicious! Can I have some more, Li?

Li: You see. I knew you would feel better after eating something. You weren't just angry – you were hungry! Feeling a bit better now?

Finn: Oh, yes, lovely. Let's get this done. Bye.

Li: Bye.