High-flyer 抱負極高的人

One of British Red Arrows display team. Image copyright bbc
Image caption The Red Arrows' spectacular performance in the sky, England.


A high-flyer 是在指事業上有極高抱負的成功職業人士。


Daniel is such a high-flyer. He's only 31 years old and he's already the financial director of the company.

My brother is a high-flying businessman and travels all over the world.


另外有一個短語 high-flown, 雖然拼寫很像 high-flyer,但含義不一樣,意思是誇張的,華而不實的。


He tried to seduce Katherine with high-flown language, but she wasn't impressed.

Jane has high-flown ideas about morality but she's never nice to me!