A smartphone with a "kill switch"

Kill your phone 美國加州新法案 智能手機將安裝「自殺開關」


Smartphones are everywhere, but they're easy pickings for criminals.

Here in San Francisco, high-end handsets are specifically targeted in more than half of all robberies.

Now, a new law means that smartphones in California will be required to have a "kill switch" which will make them useless if lost or stolen.

At the touch of a button, all the data on the phone is erased.

It's hoped this will help deter thieves, though some think the law will create other problems.

Vocabulary 詞匯:

easy pickings 容易被人偷盜的東西

high-end 高端的

robberies 搶劫案

at the touch of a button 只需一觸按鈕就可以

deter 威懾