Eat less meat to save the planet 新研究稱少吃肉能拯救地球

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Image caption Scientists believe eating beef is particularly damaging to the environment

科學家警告說我們要少吃肉以幫助保護環境。英國阿伯丁大學和劍橋大學發表的最新研究報告稱,如果我們不改變飲食習慣,那麼到 2050年,由食品生產而產生的溫室氣體排放量將比現在增長 80%。以下是 Roger Harrabin 的報道:

The study examines what needs to be done if greenhouse gas emissions from farming are to be cut alongside emissions from transport, homes and industry.

It says, on current trends, with people round the world getting richer and eating American-style diets, farm emissions will boom as forest land is converted to agriculture and fertiliser is sprayed on the fields.

The report says the emissions' growth can be contained somewhat, if farmers in developing countries are helped to improve their yields from existing fields. It'll help to stop wasting food too, the authors say.

But then there's the really hard bit: they say persuading people to eat less meat and dairy produce can actually lead to a big overall cut in emissions from farming.