Food for thought 引人深思的事兒


The script of this programme 本節目台詞

(Feifei finds Finn in the company canteen)

Feifei: Hi Finn. What are you doing here sitting alone in the canteen? Can I sit with you?

Finn: Sure. Take a seat, Feifei.

Feifei: Mind if I take a chip? They look good.

Image caption You go on thinking and… I'll go on eating

Finn: They do, don't they? I'm just eating this quickly as I'm going to go out soon – I'm going to take a look at a car. It's a sports car! I've always wanted a sports car.

Feifei: 跑車?你要買跑車?That sounds expensive. How can you afford a sports car?

Finn: Well, it's a second-hand car. The owner needs to sell it quickly, so they're selling it really cheaply. What a great opportunity, huh?!

Feifei: 跑車最費油了!These cars burn a lot of fuel, you know, Finn. The car might come cheap but do you want to end up keeping it in a garage?

Finn: Yes, well, I hadn't thought of that…

Feifei: And there's also insurance. 再說了,給跑車上保險肯定也很貴吧!A car like that will attract thieves, so it will cost a lot…

Finn: That's right, you know - you've just given me some food for thought…

Feifei: Food? 你還要吃?不是剛吃完嗎?I thought you wanted to finish eating quickly?

Finn: I'm not talking about real food. In English, when you say 'food for thought', you mean serious ideas or topics for us to think about.

Feifei: Nothing to do with chips, then. 短語 food for thought 和吃的東西是沒有關係的,它要表達的意思是引人思考的事情、讓人深思的問題。也就是說如果一件事情有許多讓你思考的問題,那這件事情就給了你 food for thought.

Finn: Yeap! 'Food for thought' is today's expression in Authentic Real English. Let's hear some examples of how it's used.

  • The football coach was really disappointed when his team lost 3-0 to an amateur side. But it gave him food for thought.
  • Mary's divorce gave her food for thought. She decided to go back to university, get a diploma, and change her life around.

Feifei: So Finn, 跑車還買嗎?

Finn: Well, I'm not so sure now Feifei. You have indeed given me food for thought.

Feifei: (Chewing)… Mmmm… these are good …

Finn: My chips! You've taken all my chips, Feifei?!

Feifei: Sorry Finn. They looked so good and… I thought you were in a rush.

Finn: Well I was, until you gave me… food for thought!

Feifei: Ok – let me get another plate. Chips are much better than sports cars anyway. Let's just focus on the eating today.

Finn: Yes, and we can do the thinking another day. Bye.

Feifei: Bye.