Joe Bloggs 普通人 老百姓


The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Feifei: Hi Finn. 那麼認真,看什麼呢?

Finn: Oh, just an interesting article about a man who made a fortune by selling shoes, Feifei. You know, he's a billionaire!

Feifei: A billionaire?! 億萬富翁?靠做皮鞋出家,變成了億萬富翁?那他做的鞋肯定無比貴吧!

Finn: Well, no. Not at all. The shoes are just for Joe Bloggs.

Feifei: Joe Bloggs? 他做的所有鞋都是為 Joe Bloggs 這一個人定制的? 只賣給 Joe Bloggs?

Image caption Could this be Joe Bloggs?

Finn: No. What I mean is, the man made a fortune selling shoes for the average person. In English, when we want to refer to the average person we can use the name 'Joe Bloggs'.

Feifei: 哦,原來如此。我就說嘛,怎麼能僅僅靠給一個人做鞋就變成了億萬富翁。原來在英語裏,Joe Bloggs 這個名字在對話中被人們用來表示普通人,老百姓,也就是說 Joe Bloggs 可以指我們任何一個人。Joe Bloggs could be anyone of us.

Finn: That's right. Any Tom, Dick or Harry.

Feifei: Oh! Who are they?

Finn: This is another expression in English we use when we want to talk about lots of people in general; nobody in particular: Tom, Dick and Harry.

Feifei: Tom, Dick and Harry 是另一個英語常用表達,意思相當於漢語裏說的,張三,李四,王五,用來指任何人。You know, Finn, I love reading American news websites... Oh! Finn! Tragedy in Miami! 邁阿密慘案!

Finn: What happened?

Feifei: It's here in this article... 這不,報紙上寫的 "a policeman said he found the body of John Doe in a popular nightclub. He was stabbed!" 唉!你說這 Doe Family 多可憐呀,poor Doe family!

Finn: Yeah, well... Feifei, this is sad news, especially for this man's family. But they're probably not called the Doe family.

Feifei: 你怎麼知道他們不姓 Doe?

Finn: In American English, John Doe is a name often used when referring to the victim of a crime whose body hasn't been identified.

Feifei: 哦,原來在美式英語裏,John Doe 這個名字的意思就是無名氏,常用於在被害人的身份姓名還沒有被識別的時候。其實這麼一說,我好像在偵探美劇裏是聽過這個詞。I've heard this name before... in crime TV shows.

Finn: Yes. In the US they use John Doe when the victim is male and Jane Doe when the victim is female. Let's hear some examples of these expressions used in today's Authentic Real English.

  • A: Bright purple jacket? Sparkly blue skirt? Who wears such outrageous clothes?
  • B: Well, this fashion designer is popular among the very trendy. These clothes are not for Joe Bloggs!
  • Listen, this is a very exclusive party I'm inviting you to. Don't go around talking about it or every Tom, Dick and Harry will end up there.
  • Detective: The John Doe found at the scene is in the morgue right now. We're waiting for the DNA test results to identify the body.

Feifei: 今天學習了三個以可以形容普通人的表達,Joe Bloggs 普通老百姓,Tom, Dick and Harry 張三李四,還有 John Doe and Jane Doe 無名氏。This has been a very interesting lesson. Thank you, Finn.

Finn: You're welcome, Feifei. Time to go. Bye!

Feifei: Bye!