Stare in the face 顯而易見

Sir David Attenborough with Iguana Image copyright bbc
Image caption Reptiles such as crocodiles, iguanas and turtles have changed very little since they shared the Earth with dinosaurs


當某人或某事 stare you in the face 的時候,比喻什麼事情很明顯,就在眼前。


The detective realised soon that the solution to his case had been staring him in the face all along: the murderer was the butler!

If we stay calm in a crisis we might find out that the way out of it is staring us in the face.


另一個短語 stare someone down 的意思是施加壓力,讓他人讓步或投降。


I'm a very persistent person and, even if they keep staring me down, I』ll never give up on joining their posh country club!