Eat humble pie 承認錯誤


The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Rob: Hi, Feifei. I'm glad you've come to watch me train for the pie-eating competition. I'm going to be the new champion! I'm so sure of it - no one's going to beat me, I'm the best!

Feifei: Rob, 你讓我賭你贏,可你到底能贏嗎?How can you be so sure you are going to win?

Rob: Because I love eating.

Feifei: But you are so thin. 你這麼瘦,胃能裝得下十個派嗎?

Rob: They will - I'll eat them all and very quickly.

Image caption How many pies can you eat in one go?

Feifei: 真的假的,你等等,我來計時。Are you ready?

Rob: Oh yes!

Feifei: Here we go!

Rob: OK, here we go!(eating the pies)

Feifei: Well, two down... 還有八個。

Rob: (eating more pies)

Feifei: That's four now... five and...

Rob: Oh dear! I can't eat anymore!

Feifei: 真吃不下了?

Rob: Yes, I'm full up!

Feifei: 你肯定還能再吃一個,要不然你可就得吃 humble pie 啦。

Rob: Humble pie? I won't have room for any type of pie. I'm stuffed! But I see what you mean. I'll have to admit that I was wrong when I said I could eat all those pies.

Feifei: Yes. 我們用短語 eat humble pie 來描述某人因為無法完成自己所吹噓的一件事,而不得不向他人承認錯誤、道歉。

Rob: That person then has to act in an apologetic way. 'To eat humble pie' is today's expression in Authentic Real English. Let's hear some examples of how it's used.

  • The factory owner had to eat humble pie after a lot of customers complained about his product.
  • Peter is so arrogant. He said he could finish the work much quicker than anybody else in the office. I hope he has to eat humble pie

Rob: So, I can't eat ten pies in a few minutes after all. We still have all these pies, which are very tasty, actually. You can have some, Feifei.

Feifei: Thank you. 這個短語的用法挺奇怪的哈,不知道起源是什麼。

Rob: Well, some people say it might have come from 'umbles', which is an old word for animal organs like kidneys, intestines, etc. In the past, rich people might have considered eating an 'umbles pie' as a punishment. But who knows?

Feifei: Well, Rob, I don't think eating all those pies is a punishment. We just have to eat one at a time and enjoy each one.

Rob: Good idea! OK. Shall we start now?

Feifei: Yes.

Rob: Here it goes. OK. Bye bye!

Feifei: Bye!

Rob: Lovely!