Checkmate 將(軍)!

Chess board
Image caption A game of chess can be a challenging for your brain


Checkmate 出自國際象棋,等同於漢語裏的「將!」。在一方把關鍵的一個棋子放到致對方於死地的時候說一聲「將軍!」。不過現在這個短語也用來表達「一次徹底的勝利」。


The rebels surrounded the president's palace. He had no option but to agree to their demands: it was checkmate.

Unless we make some serious changes to this business, the competition will catch up and it will be checkmate.

'Checkmate' 也可以做為動詞:

Garry Kasparov had the chess computer in checkmate after a fine series of moves.


Stalemate 「僵局」和 checkmate 的意思正好相反,stalemate 表示一種雙方僵持不下的局面。


I could only afford £150,000 for the house but the seller would go no lower than £155,000. We reached a stalemate and called the deal off.