HIV evolving 'into milder form' 艾滋病毒「毒性」減弱

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Image caption The HIV virus has infected more than 35 million people


一項重要科學研究報告指出,隨著 HIV艾滋病毒的不斷演化,此類病毒的「毒性」有減弱跡象。英國牛津大學的研究人員說艾滋病毒本身出現的變化可能有助於對艾滋病疫情的控制。以下是 BBC 記者 James Gallagher 的報道:

More than 35 million people are infected with HIV. In their bodies, a devastating battle between the immune system and the virus is taking place, and it results in Aids once the body's defences are annihilated.

But a team at the University of Oxford found the immune system can score significant victories. Their study in Botswana showed HIV was being forced to make damaging mutations in order to survive.

It is now replicating more slowly and takes longer to cause Aids in the country. The group said the watering down of HIV would help efforts to eradicate the virus, but cautioned a weakened HIV was still dangerous.