A hive of activity 一片繁忙的景象

Honey bees
Image caption 'As busy as a bee' is another commonly used phrase which is used to describe someone doing many things


當一個地方被比喻為 a hive of activity 時,要表達的意思是此處看上去非常忙碌,一片繁忙的景象。


La Bouqueria market is a hive of activity on a Saturday morning, with vendors selling all sorts of food and drink.

Welcome to the department! It's a real hive of activity, but don』t worry, you'll soon get the hang of it.

London was a hive of activity over the summer, with lots of tourists and spectators who came to see the Olympic games.


如果一個地方人特別多,場面熱熱鬧鬧,這時可以用 buzzing 來形容此地。


The nightclub was packed with people last night; it was really buzzing.