Like turkeys voting for Christmas 像火雞支持過聖誕一樣


The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Image caption It is estimated that 10 million turkeys were consumed at Christmas 2013 in the UK

Rob: Hello, I am Rob. And welcome to Authentic Real English. In this programme, we teach you English words and phrases which you might not find in your dictionary.

Feifei: … and Hello, I'm Feifei.

Rob: Hello, Feifei. I am getting very excited, it』s nearly Christmas.

Feifei: 我也是!我特別喜歡聖誕節的氣氛,還有那麼多好吃的,禮物,還有……

Rob: Oh, Feifei, did you hear the boss wants us to agree to work on Christmas Day?

Feifei: 什麼?聖誕節要上班?我可不能答應!為什麼呀?

Rob: I don』t know, but he wanted us to agree to it. So I told him agreeing to work on Christmas Day would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.

Feifei: 『Like turkeys voting for Christmas』? 像火雞支持過聖誕節一樣?我說 Rob,你喜歡吃火雞肉這個沒錯,但是咱們聖誕節來上班和火雞有什麼關係呢?

Rob: Let me explain, Feifei. As you know, lots of people eat turkeys at Christmas. So, do you think if the turkeys had a choice, they would vote for Christmas?

Feifei: 如果火雞有權利選擇要不要過聖誕節,那肯定是不要過啦!它們怎麼會選擇被送入烤箱供人們享用的命運呢,肯定是瘋了!

Rob: That』s right. So in English, we use this idiom 『like turkeys voting for Christmas』 as a metaphor when someone accepts a situation which will have a negative outcome for them.

Feifei: 我明白了,所以說如果我們同意聖誕節來上班,就不能吃喝了,當然更重要的是不能和家人團聚了。

Rob: Exactly! It will be 『like turkeys voting for Christmas』. Let』s hear some people using this phrase.


  • Workers agreeing to pay cuts would be like turkeys voting for Christmas.
  • It would be like turkeys voting for Christmas if people ask for a tax rise.

Rob: Remember this is an informal saying, so do take note of the context it』s used in.

Feifei: Thank you Rob for teaching us this humorous idiom. 話說這火雞肉可是很美味呢,我突然特別餓。

Rob: Me too. Maybe we should just skip work today and go find some turkeys to eat?

Feifei: Now Rob, if I said yes to that, it would really be like turkeys voting for Christmas.

Rob: Ha ha…

Feifei: 感謝收聽本期《地道英語》節目,歡迎下次繼續收聽。在此,我們也祝大家聖誕節快了!We wish you a very happy Christmas!

Rob: Merry Christmas!