Downsize 縮減規模


The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Image caption Would you be ready to downsize?

Neil: Hello. Neil here with you. And this is Feifei.

Feifei: Hello!

Neil: The word we are going to focus on today is the verb 『to downsize』. That』s the word companies use to describe cutting a number of jobs and making employees redundant. 『Downsizing』 is the noun.

Feifei: Yes. When they make workers redundant the companies become smaller in size. They downsize. 如果一個公司企業決定裁員從而縮小其規模,這個行為就可以用動詞 downsize 來形容。Downsizing 是其名詞形式。

Neil: You might have heard or read this verb during the economic downturn of the last few years. As most people were short of cash, they decided to save the money they did have and it had an impact on businesses all over the world.

Feifei: And some people have started applying the term to their own situations. If you've had to sell your house and move to a smaller flat, for example, you might say you were 『downsizing』. 這個詞也適用於個人生活裏的一些改變。比如,因為需要,你賣了大房子,然後般進小房子去住,這你就可以說「你在 downsizing」。

Neil: 『To downsize』 is today's expression in Authentic Real English. Let's hear some examples of how it's used.


  • The growth of online sales in the UK has forced many retail businesses to downsize. Some of them have reduced their number of outlets in the high street.
  • Now that I am going to university, my parents have decided to downsize. They are selling the house, moving to a flat and using some of the money to travel the world.

Feifei: 誒,Neil, 你要不介意我說啊你就應該縮小縮小規模。I think you would benefit from downsizing.

Neil: What do you mean? I don』t own a company and I』m not selling my house.

Feifei: No but I've noticed you've… well, you know, you really enjoy your food, 你挺愛吃的,不是嗎?

Neil: Are you calling me fat!?

Feifei: Oh no, no, no… well, yes. A little.

Neil: How dare you! And anyway, we don't use 'downsize' for bodies, so you're confusing our audience!

Feifei: Sorry, Neil.

Neil: I am a bit fat, actually…

Feifei: Well, maybe if the company downsizes, you won't be able to afford all those meat pies.

Neil: That』s what I like about you, Feifei. You always look on the bright side.