Wow factor 讓人發出驚嘆叫好的東西


The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Image caption This pool has definitely got the wow factor

Feifei: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English. I'm Feifei and joining me is Harry.

Harry: Hello there! And the expression we are going to look at in this programme is 'wow factor'.

Feifei: 本期節目要給大家介紹的這個表達是 wow factor。我們將給大家講解這個短語的意思和具體用法。誒,Harry, 你要搬家,房子找的怎麼樣了?

Harry: Oh, don't ask! Not very well, really. I mean, I've seen a few places so far, but they didn't really appeal to me.

Feifei: 啊,一套都沒看上?So none of them were any good?

Harry: They were OK. Adequate I suppose. I could live in some of them if I had to, but none of them had the wow factor. Do you know what I mean?

Feifei: Not really. 每套房子都缺少 「the wow factor」,這是什麼意思?

Harry: The wow factor? Something that makes you go 'wow' when you walk in.

Feifei: 當我們遇到一個讓人驚嘆的東西時,我們可能就會用英語感嘆詞 wow 來形容這個東西。

Harry: So, you know, a sun deck, a view of Big Ben, a steam room, a granite cocktail bar, a shared swimming pool – that kind of thing. My friend who teaches English in Indonesia has his own swimming pool and I was hoping …

Feifei: Yes, but this is London – 不是我說啊,這是倫敦,生活成本排名世界前幾名的。除非你花大價錢,否則怎麼可能找到有 wow factor 的房子。Wow factor 用在這個語境中形容一套讓你一進門就連聲感嘆叫好的房子,比如,帶有私人游泳池的那種豪宅。那還有什麼東西可以有 wow factor 呢?

Harry: You hear it a lot on TV. On cooking shows, when someone creates an exciting tasty dish they say it』s really got the wow factor.

Feifei: 嗯,我也在廚藝節目中聽過人們用這個表達。我記得有位大廚曾說 「It's just an omelette, but the chillies give it a real wow factor.」大致意思就是:「這不過是個不起眼的雞蛋卷,但加上辣椒後它就真的讓人眼前一亮。」

Harry: That's right. And in singing competitions, if the singer delivers an exciting performance, the judges say they really had the wow factor.

Feifei: 在歌唱選秀比賽中,評委老師對嗓音獨特的,讓全場觀眾眼前一亮的選手的評價就是「他們有 wow factor」。那是不是我們就可以這樣理解 wow factor:凡是讓我們感到驚喜的、了不起的、連聲稱讚的人或事,我們就可以說他們具有 wow factor?

Harry: That's right. Let's listen to some more examples.


  • He's just bought a new Italian sports car – it's really got the wow factor.
  • We're going to completely re-decorate the restaurant so there's more of a wow factor when you walk in.

Feifei: So, do you think you will find a place to live with the wow factor?

Harry: I'm not sure. But if I don't, I might spend my money on a 72-inch 3D TV. That way people will still get the wow factor when they walk in.

Feifei: That would certainly have the wow factor, and I want to come around and watch some cookery shows and singing competitions.

Harry: No problem! Join us again soon for Authentic Real English.

Both: Bye!