Out for the count (拳擊)輸了,熟睡


The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Image caption What do you think of boxing?

Neil: Hello and welcome to Authentic Real English. I'm Neil and joining me today is Li.

Li: Hello everyone. The expression that Neil and I will talk about today is 'out for the count'.

Neil: This expression comes from the sport of boxing and describes a boxer who has been knocked unconscious who can't stand up within a count of ten seconds. The boxer is said to be "out for the count" and loses the match.

Li: 這個短語我知道,是和拳擊運動有關的。當運動員被擊倒後,裁判會數十下,如果倒地的拳擊手在這十秒鐘內站不起身來,他就輸了,對吧?

Neil: Yes. But the expression can also be used in another way...

Li: Oh, how? Neil 說這個短語還有其他用法,我怎麼不知道。

Neil: Well, I had a really active weekend. I went hiking in Wales with my wife and our two children.

Li: Hiking in Wales, that sounds like hard work. 在威爾士爬山,聽著都累。

Neil: Well, not for my kids. They loved it. They were racing each other, running up and down the hills... then we went to the zoo where they had even more fun.

Li: So you had a nice day out then?

Neil: Definitely. The evening was even nicer for us, me and my wife. There was no reading of bedtime stories and no computer games. By 7 o'clock, the kids were in bed and the next thing we knew, they were out for the count!

Li: Oh I think I've got it. 不用講故事也不玩電子遊戲,孩子們7點鐘就上牀睡覺了,而且立刻就 out for the count... 啊,我猜出來了。這個短語也可以表示一個人筋疲力盡,頭一碰枕頭就睡著了。

Neil: Yes, that's right. Let's hear some examples of how this expression is used:


  • Jack had so much to drink last night that when he got home he was out for the count.
  • There was some trouble outside my house last night but I didn't hear it: I was so tired I was out for the count.

Li: Oh, how I wish I could fall asleep quickly. 我多希望也有這般的好睡眠呀。

Neil: You should try doing some exercise to make you tired: how about jogging?

Li: 跑步?Oh no, it's boring, it's too monotonous.

Neil: What about relaxing exercise like yoga?

Li: 瑜伽?No, I'm not very flexible, I never have been.

Neil: Well, what about boxing? It's exciting and you could be knocked unconscious - out for the count!

Li: Very funny!

Neil: Anyway you have learned a good expression and it's time to say goodbye.

Li: Bye!