Mind-blowing 驚人的好


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Image caption Angkor Wat is mind-blowing

The script of this programme 本節目台詞

Feifei: 大家好,歡迎收聽《地道英語》。我是馮菲菲,我的搭檔是 Harry。

Harry: Hello there! And the expression we are going to look at in this programme is 'mind-blowing', or, 'to blow your mind'.

Feifei: 我們在這期節目來學習如何使用 mind-blowing 或 to blow your mind 這個表達。So anyway, Harry, I've heard you really like travelling.

Harry: Me? Yeah, I love to travel, to be free. Yeah, I've travelled.

Feifei: 快給我們說說,你都去過哪些國家?

Harry: All over. Europe, South East Asia, North Africa, Central America.

Feifei: 你去過的地方還真多!Europe 歐洲,South East Asia 東南亞,North Africa 北非,Central America中美洲。最難忘的是哪兒?So which was the best trip?

Harry: Hard to say, they were all great in their own way, but I think my trip to Cambodia really stands out.

Feifei: 柬埔寨?為什麼呢?有什麼特殊原因嗎?

Harry: Well, it's got scenery, beaches, nice food and all that stuff, but the temples at Angkor Wat - well, they just blew my mind.

Feifei: 你去了柬埔寨的吳哥窟,你說吳哥窟 blew your mind?

Harry: Yeah, it's an amazing place. It's got incredible statues, roads, waterways all abandoned in the forest. Truly mind-blowing.

Feifei: 如果一樣東西,一件事或一個人特別出色,好的讓人難以置信,甚至可能會讓你停下腳步,放下手裏的一切去靜靜的欣賞它的時候,我們就可以說這個東西 mind-blowing 或 it blew our minds。就好像有時我們說「某某事衝擊了我們大腦」,這裏「衝擊大腦」表達的意思是正面的、褒義的。So what else can be mind-blowing?

Harry: Anything amazing. A painting, a film, a story.

Feifei: 我們還可以用 mind-blowing 來形容 nature 大自然、the ocean 海洋、the planets 星球等等。

Harry: Yes, those things are all totally mind-blowing if you stop and think about them.

Feifei: 我們一起來聽幾個例句。

  • The latest tablet computer has an incredible camera and loads of other mind-blowing features.
  • One of the most mind-blowing things about the universe is the distance between the planets.
  • The battle scenes in the film were amazing - they just blew my mind.

Harry: So, to finish off, I thought I'd give you a mind-blowing fact about space and the universe. Something that will really blow your mind.

Feifei: 一個衝擊大腦的常識 - let's hear it.

Harry: Did you know that every hour, the universe expands by a billion miles in all directions?

Feifei: 宇宙以每小時10億英里的速度在不斷向外擴張!That is mind-blowing!

Harry: I know - just mind-blowing.

Feifei: 那我也給你來一個關於蟑螂的「衝擊大腦的」常識。

Harry: Cockroaches? Yuck! What is it?

Feifei: Cockroaches can live for several weeks without their head.

Harry: They can live without their heads?! Well, that's just blown my mind. Join us again for more mind-blowing English on Authentic Real English.

Both: Bye!