Nile river agreement 尼羅河協議

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Image caption Who does this water belong to?

三個共享尼羅河的國家-埃及,埃塞俄比亞和蘇丹,就如何分享尼羅河水資源初步達成一項協議。目前埃塞俄比亞正在建造一個新的水電站,希望以此緩解用水短缺的問題。以下是 Richard Hamilton 為 BBC 所做的報道。


This is a major breakthrough in a long running dispute between Cairo and Addis Ababa over the river and the dam. The crisis was at its worst in 2013 when Ethiopia began diverting the Blue Nile.

The president of Egypt at the time, Mohamed Morsi, threatened to defend each drop of Nile water with Egyptian blood. Addis Ababa has amended colonial-era agreements that gave Egypt and Sudan the biggest share of the river's water.

Egypt relies almost exclusively on the Nile for farming, industry and drinking water for its rapidly growing population. It also has the strongest historical affinity with the great river - it is often said "the Nile is Egypt and Egypt is the Nile."